Commissioning & Startup Solutions

Many asset-owning companies do not have sufficient staff and/or focused time to manage Commissioning & Startup on their own.

The result is a delayed and inefficient startup and a set of assets that are never provided with the Technical Right to Succeed.

Tormod begins with the end in mind, supporting our clients as they strive to shorten outages and downtime to increase plant availability and production.

Our experienced full-service Commissioning and Startup Team works with asset owners and contractors to plan and execute well-managed shutdowns and startups for projects.

We handle the critical steps within the startup phase including:

  • System turnover
  • Check-out of systems
  • Commissioning of systems
  • The introduction of feedstock
  • Performance testing
  • Defining mechanical completion
  • Prioritizing the system
  • Mitigating potential issues like:
    • Communication
    • Schedule alignment
    • Process safety
    • Control system integration

Tormod uses our proprietary tools and in-house experts in operations, controls & automation, and project management to implement a successful startup from kick-off to water batching to training the operators.

Tormod provides risk register management, startup checklist management, and the coordination of facilities release or system turnover for our clients as an auxiliary service or as integration with Hargrove’s EPCM and Controls & Automation. We integrate Best Practices Developed by Construction Industry Institute (CII).

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