Procedure Development Solutions

Tormod understands our clients’ need for developing and writing procedures.

We acknowledge the challenge of maintaining a balance between the knowledge required for job execution and the management of human performance.

The safety, quality, and consistency of daily operations can be traced to the technical documents behind this work – SOPs (standard operating procedures), HSE (health, safety, and environmental), maintenance, calibration, and inspection procedures.

Tormod’s mission is to ensure that accurate, clear, and documented knowledge is available to help our clients’ teammates complete their work safely and effectively.

Our procedure development team uses best practices and ensures all technical documentation meets state, local, and federal standards and recommendations.

Procedure Development Overview

  • Technical Writers & Engineers Across Multiple Disciplines
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Development of New Procedures
  • Updating Current Procedures
  • Environmental, Health, & Safety Manuals
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements
  • Technical Document Development
    • Process Descriptions
    • Compliance Documentation
    • Education/Training Manuals
    • Quality Controls Manuals
    • Photographic Documentation of Installed Systems


Our Tormod Procedure Development Team has three Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) Certified Procedure Writers and Job Planners.

These team members have successfully completed the 20-hour class taught by Procedure Solutions Management and have received the Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) certification for Procedure Writing and Job Planning.

The PPA is the industry standard for writing procedures for human-factored controlled documents (policies, procedures, SOPs, Manuals, Work Instructions, etc.).

PPA certification offers clients the assurance that our Team will provide deliverables that are safe, correct, and useable, and are written to obtain error-free performance.  
With 25+ years of technical writing experience and the completion of this course, our Team is your resource for what “good looks like”.

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