Maintenance Outsourcing Solutions

Helping plant leaders drive plant performance while maximizing cost-effectiveness results in a confident peace of mind for all stakeholders as they manage reliable, predictable manufacturing operations.

Tormod offers customized professional maintenance solutions that transform your maintenance department from a cost center into a profit contributor. Whether you’re in need of total maintenance outsourcing or partial maintenance services, we can improve your plant’s asset management across the entire Asset Life Cycle.

1. Total Maintenance Outsourcing

Tormod partners with our clients to take 100% responsibility for all aspects of your maintenance operations.

Tormod will operate the entire maintenance department from the maintenance management team, the engineering team, the electrical and mechanical technicians, and your storeroom team.

Tormod Areas of Responsibility include:
  • Managing all aspects of Safety, Health, and Environmental for the maintenance organization
  • Managing all maintenance team members in the execution of their daily work
  • Planning and scheduling of all maintenance work
  • Execution of all plant maintenance actions for corrective, preventive, and condition-based maintenance
  • Maintenance-Based Project Management and Execution
  • Cost management and alignment with plant budgets
  • Plant Performance Improvement Projects
  • Shutdown/Turnaround Management and execution
  • Upgrade Project Management and Execution
  • Equipment modifications

2. Maintenance Services

Tormod offers you a menu of solutions to help you close the gap in maintenance and reliability disciplines. Our team can supplement your existing maintenance team to help you accomplish all of your maintenance and reliability goals, objectives, and plans.

  • Supplemental Maintenance Teams
  • Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage Support
  • Project Management
  • Project Execution
  • Procedure Development
  • Training & Development of the maintenance team

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